Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rumble in the rabbit village

Hi everyone!

Something terrible happened in our rabbit 'village' Monday: Hummer (oldest rabbit, 8y old) got hurt in a fight with his son, Camaro (6y old). Camaro has bitten a piece of Hummer's right ear.
Grace must've seen it happening, because she was barking at the cage in a very strange way! She alarmed us. When we saw how badly he was hurt, we immediately called our vet and we could visit him just 15min later. Our vet was really concerned, because of Hummer's high age. The vet didn't want to put him under anesthetics, so he stitched Hummer's ear back together without any sedation... I held Hummer while the vet proceeded. Hummer was surprisingly calm during the procedure, I feared he'd have a heart attack during... When the vet had stitched the ear back up, Hummer kind of let go a bit, we honestly thought we'd lose him, but as we put him back in his carrier he lived up and started to wash himself almost immediately. That obviously was a very good sign.
Now he's separated from his evil son and lives with his daughter, Shelby, in a smaller cage. We put them together because they get along really well and we know Shelby can get very emotional when she hasn't got the company of her dad. She lived alone for a little while and she got really aggressive, when we put her dad with her, she instantly felt better and they've been inseparable ever since!

We have to keep a close eye on Hummer's well being, but he looks very good and lively. He rests more often, but I think that's also the antibiotics doing their work. He has to have a lot of pain too, because it's such a big bite wound.

Hummer with his stitched ear... 

Hummer's ear: 6 stitches

Shelby keeps her dad company! 
We don't know what got Camaro to start fighting his dad, but it might be that he's tired of his old man ruling the 'village' and that he wants to be the mayor... Since Hummer's 8 years old and Camaro is 6 that could've been the reason.
Anyway we will not put our senior back with the youth. He will live with his 6-year-old daughter for as long as he lives (hopefully that will be another few years).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mona's foot... :(

Mona has to stay inside for the next couple of days. She can only walk two times for about ten minutes and then back to resting. She hurt her foot on Monday, but that happens more often, so we didn't take her to the vet's immediately. Over night and yesterday it got a lot worse. If she stands up, she limps like crazy. Our vet didn't find anything, Mona's a though girl, she doesn't show her pain easily. The vet examined her very thoroughly but he couldn't say what it was. He thinks it's not that serious because she didn't respond to any of his actions, but he was worried about the fact that she limps very hard. He advised to let her rest and just take her on two short walks for the rest of the week. She's on anti-inflammatories so if there is an infection somewhere that will cure it. Hopefully she gets better soon, because she looks a bit sad not to be able to play with her friends...
One sunny side to this story for Mona: inside the house it's a lot chillier than outside, so maybe she won't be that sad! ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ticks and hot spots

We HATE ticks and hot spots...
Viggo had another one. It's the fourth this year. He was on antibiotics for weeks and now he has a new one. Another 'hole' in his fur... Luckily we found this one in an early stage so normally this one should be easy to treat. The hot spots appear where we removed a tick. Why do those animals exist? They do nothing but damage to everyone and everything they meet! Really I've had enough of those animals ruining my dogs' fur.
Mona seems to be the most resistant to ticks, she doesn't have them as much as those other two. Viggo seems to attract them the most. It's sooo annoying. Every time I cuddle my dogs I find a tick! :(
Viggo wears two Scalibor collars, one collar isn't enough because of his size and weight and because he has to be fully protected seen that he gets a lot of tick-bites (vet recommended). Grace and Mona wear a Scalibor collar too and for them that seems to be enough. But our Viggo keeps on suffering from tick-bites. I'm really worried someday he might get really sick from one of those tick-bites.
Does someone of you know another remedy to treat tick-bites? If we remove a tick on Viggo's body, it always becomes a real big bump...

Grace trying to stop me from working in the front garden.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pleasant discovery

Hi everyone!

We did a pleasant discovery this weekend. When we were shopping in the pet shop, we saw little rabbits with alongside of them a description of how to look after them. There we saw their life expectancy was 5-6 years old. Well, we are proud to tell you all our rabbits now are older than 6. The oldest is 8 years old and although he's always been grey, you wouldn't say he's the grandpa of the family! :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

E-card from Grace's brother!

Grace got this card from her brother. Grace on the left, Justifier (Billie) on the right. 

Merci beaucoup, Sandrine, pour cette carte! C'est merveilleux!

Birthday girl!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Gracie!

Happy birthday also to Billie 'Le Roi' and Falcon. They all turn 2 today! :)

Gracie, just a couple of weeks old


Grace, 2 years old!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

We have a birthday boy in the house....


Today Viggo celebrates his 7th birthday! We wish him a very happy day with lots of dog candy, toys and everything he desires!

Happy birthday also to his sisters, Iris & Noelle II and to his brother, Noè!
Viggo, 1 day old! (picture by Iwonna Salak)
With his brother and sisters. Viggo is at the bottom, right. (picture by Iwonna Salak
The very first picture we had from our boy
when we knew he was going to be ours. (picture by Iwonna Salak)
Our boy now! All grown up!